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As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jieneng turbine group, Qingdao Jieneng power station engineering company has the import and export business qualification and is authorized by Jieneng group to sign all the international trade contracts.
As a power plant EPC contractor, based on the different demands from the clients, we can provide the overall solution of the power plant, and supply all series of power equipment and construction work. The company is the member of CCCMB, and has the related qualifications such as qualified certificate of power plant design, ISO 9001, Qualification certificate of foreign project contracting and the certificate of overseas investigation.


The company has been signed 45 EPC contracts (unit capacity up to 600MW-1000 MW) at home and abroad since it founded in 1999, among them, 23 projects were built in abroad and 22 projects in home,Covering fields such as coal-fired power plant, CCPP, wind power plant, solar power plant, waste heat power generation, biomass power plant, waste-to-energy plant, desalination plant,etc. . As long as the company developed more stronger, it has been established a long term co-operation relationship with lots of qualified and powerful design institute and main power equipment factory, and also have set up a qualified sub-vendor list through the systematic assessment, which are aiming to provide the highest quality EPC project. Simultaneously, in order to improve the service efficiency, the company has owned a design institute to consolidated the existing technology advantages , and has established subsidiary company in Indonesia which can provide the more convenient and speedy service to the local customer.


In April 2012,Qingdao Jieneng Group and Mitsubishi (Japan)had formally signed the Technical Licensing Agreement on the product of Land steam turbine which the unit capacity from 50MW to 200MW, and the Marine Steam turbine which the unit capacity below 10MW, the Group hereby has been authorized by Mitsubishi technically on aforesaid products. Mitsubishi, as one of the TOP 500 global companies,  has the outstanding advantages on the international brand,technology and management, especially in steam turbine industrial, moreover,Qingdao Jieneng Group,as the biggest and strongest manufacture on small-mid type of steam turbine industrial in China, has the huge advantages on production-manufacturing and market development, as well as its huge brand impact.

Through the introduction of the advanced design from Mitsubishi, and supported by Mitsubishi's advantages of technology, marketing and brand, we are exerting our production strength and experiences in full swing. By means of reciprocal of advantages between both sides, we provide the products and services worthy of international competitiveness to suit our clients' requirements better and focus on the forging of the first rate products with global competitiveness. We are dedicated to contribute to the upgrading of the power generating equipment manufacturing industry and economic development.


Qingdao Jieneng group concentrates on the bright future and is urging to implement the remobilization and revamping scheme. A brand new large modern enterprise with first rate products and first rate manufacturing capability will present itself before everyone's eyes.